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Let's Get Physical: Upcoming Blu-Ray/4K Releases for July 2024

Let's start this post off with a HUGE mistake I made and a little rant about the FOMO, hype, reseller culture that has a strangle hold on every hobby.

While I thought I had pre-ordered the Chinatown 4k I mentioned in the previous upcoming movies roundup, I actually had left it in my cart and didn't go all the way through the ordering process. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal and the release would be available to pick up a mere two weeks after release, but to my shock, it's sold out everywhere and resellers are selling it for double the normal price and often even more. Now I'm not against reselling something you've watched and no longer want in your collection, thats how you let a collectiongrow and breathe. But this flipper mentality of buying with the onl intention is to sell will always be strange and annoying to me to me. I know, everyone's gotta make a buck somehow, but constantly having to be right on top of releases as they come out isn't always feasible. Every hobby has it's downside and currently it's this for the physical media game (alongside so many places droppouing physical media but I digress).

Alright with that out of the way, let's get to the new releases!

Taxi Driver 4K - July 2 At this point, Taxi Driver's iconic status can not be denied. It's a monumental work from director Martin Scorsese, the Internet's most blunt Hollywood staple Paul Schrader, and stars the unbelievable Robert DeNiro. Plus add shockingly good performances from everyone in the film including Josie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Cybill Shepherd, and genuinely everyone else in the cast. The film is so incredibly laid out and delivered with the rawest, unflinching vision that it can be an uncomfortable watch. It's a must see and this 4K transfer is getting some great reviews.

Le samouraï 4K - July 9

A meditative noir-ish film with a protagonist who barely utters a word and oozes a sense of cool while taking cues from the modern pop culutre of the time and hearkening to Japanese mythology? No I'm not talking about Drive, or Ghost Dog or the countless other films that have a similar synopsis. I'm talking about one of if not the originator of that vibe that these other films have taken inspiration from: the amazing Le samouraï. I'm certainly biased as this movies is exactly the vibe I search out/is one of my favorite films of all time/it's original Criterion cover was my avatar on many a forum back in the day. So getting a 4K version of this film is big news for me! Especially during the Barnes & Noble sale (which I'm positive this won't be the last you'll be hearing about that!). Alain Delon is stoic as stoic comes and the film flows by like a calm river with some sudden rushes throw out. It's a slow paced film, but its deliberate and methodical nature grabs a hold of you very quickly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I have not seen The Linguini Incident outside of a terrible rip on YouTube years ago. But as a David Bowie obsessive, I needed to at least try and watch it. I barely got a few minutes in before the quality became so grating to me that I gave up. Thankfully it's getting a proper restoration here for 2 cuts of the film, which is great considering director Richard Shepard's desire to have his original vision finally be seen. Let's hope it's worth the wait!

Other films you should check out this month:



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