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Let's Get Physical: Upcoming Blu-Ray/4K Releases for April

Typically my physical media attention in April is reserved for Record Store Day, but I can't deny the all the fun video releases this month. Of course there are offerings from the usually excellent Criterion lineup (I'm a 4K upgrade, but they are coming fast and furious from them) and a slew of stuff from Indicator, Radiance, Severin, Kino and more!

You can see a good chunk of the upcoming releases over at's site!

Marvel Cinematic Universe Steelbooks - April 2nd

With Mondo now fully a part of the Funko machine, I think we're going to see a lot more of these specialty steelbooks for MCU films. These Walmart exclusive releaset are not typically the kind of releases I'm searching out but the art on the covers is gorgeous and I'm actually a fan of this era of the MCU (pre-Endgame which I enjoyed, but was the first time I felt a pandered to a little too heavily). These have been out in the wild well before their intended release date, so head to your local Walmart, who is strangely one of the last bastions of mass market physical media, and get them if they float your boat.

I'm a huge fan of Andre Tarkovosky and Nostalghia is near the top if not the top of my ranking of his films. The movie is a gorgeous meditation on the nature of nostalgia, art, culture and so much more. Filled with slow and methodical takes that bled reality with the dream world, Nostalghia is a beautiful film and an essential work of art from Tarkovsky.

Basket Case - April 29th

Basket Case is one of those movies that has always held some sort of grand, albeit crusty, lore. A mainstay of old school creature features with sequels that go in completely different directions than it's original, Basket Case just feels special. The story of a boy and his deformed formerly conjoined twin brother that fits in a small picnic basket looking for the doctor that separated them is chock full of the weirdness you could hope for. It's strange, entertaining, and a fun watch.

Madame Web - April 30th

I'm at odds with this one. Madame Web is not a good movie by any means and supporting this release could teach Sony the wrong lesson about making these alternate spider-man universe even more of a thing. It'll be the Morbin Time meme again where they re-released Morbius because people making fun of it were making the film trend on Twitter. And much like Twitter, physical media purchasing is not equivalent to mainstream interest. But I also think this is a fun party movie that is perfect for a laugh, drinking game, and more. So the question arises, grab the goofy steelbook edition or wait till it inevitable falls into the bargains bins across the world?



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