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Let's Get Physical: Upcoming Blu-Ray/4K Releases for March

With my (almost) weekly "Lets Get Physical" posts reminding why I adore the physical media world, I felt like it would be a good idea to look ahead in the world of the hobby. So once a moth I'll be taking a look at the upcoming Blu-Ray releases for the month and giving my two cents on which you should be keeping an eye on.

You can see a good chunk of the upcoming releases over at's site!

covers to the abyss, true lies, and aliens

The James Cameron Trio: The Abyss, True Lies, & Aliens

Theses have been a long time coming. The Abyss and True Lies have been out of print or just hard to find in the US for quite a while, so they are sights for sore eyes! Now, not all James Cameron 4k transfers are created equal and some are just out right bad (Terminator 2: Judgement Day I;m not just looking at you, I'm YELLING). Screen shots are showing a bit DNR (digital noise reduction) at hand, making for softer textures and film grain going out the window, but I hope the experience will be better than the stills.

cover to event horizon

Yes this is a rerelease from the fallen Best Buy movie section, but it bears repeating. I subscribe to the fan canon that Event Horizon is a sneaky Warhammer 40k movie depictibg a particularly hellish piece of lore. Even if you don't, its a pretty fun horror movie set in space! Are there elements of Alien, 2001: a Space Odyssey, and more littered throughout the film? Yeah, but it's probably Paul W.S. Anderson's best movie and every actor is giving it their all. Plus who doesn't want to see Sam Neill in another fantastic horror film! (side note: Sam Neill's horror catalog is pretty damn impressive.)

cover to river from grave face films

Terror Vision, your purveyor of lesser seen genre films, recently announced their new sub label Graveface Films. Focusing on the more arthouse/indie/non-genre films overall more "palatable" releases that the far out genre playground of Terror Vision, Graveface Films is set to be a very welcome new boutique label. Their kick off release, River, is touted as a time-looping narrative full of heartwarming and funny moments. As a fan of time travel stories, this one is close to the top of my more anticipated releases.

covers for The Panther Woman, Santo vs, the riders of terror, and the bat woman

Indicator puts out some fantastic collections ranging from old Hollywood classics, forgotten gems from the modern age, to completely off the beaten track treasures. This month it's closer ot the latter with a trio of their releases based on the Lucha Libre exploitation flicks of Mexico. Each one of these is perfect for those who want a taste of the grindhouse that we normally would get in the US (or UK for that matter). While these releases don't have individual posters like their jam packed Enter El Santo , each one still features an 80 page booklet and some exciting extras (including the softcore verison of  Santo vs. the Riders of Terror, Lepers and Sex)

Check out for even more upcoming releases.



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