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Let's Get Physical: Upcoming Blu-Ray/4K Releases for June 2024

This is looking like a good movie for movies as some must haves for me are rolling out in the coming weeks. So take a seat while I lead you down my top movie picks for the month of June!

You can see a good chunk of the upcoming releases over at's site!

Immaculate 4K - June 11

When I saw Immaculate in theaters, I was awestruck. Despite the subpar showing (damn screen had a huge stain right in the center), Immaculate is an impressive throwback to horror films of the 70s. Rife with references to Giallo films and Sydney Sweeney giving mesmerizing performance, Immaculate stands as my favorite horror film of the year (still need to see The First Omen). The story is pretty straightforward and if your in any way familiar with its religious setting, you'll see a lot of things coming a mile a way, but it never detracts from its quality. The ending alone is one of the best in recent memory, balancing the extreme with a bit of measured tastefulness that is often forgotten.

Chinatown 4k  - June 18

In my constantly rotating favorite films of all time, Chinatown is consistently in my top 5. This 4K transfer has been available digitally for a while, in fact I bought it when it was initially released years ago, but nothing beats a physical copy. The film is massively influential, surprising amongst animated films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit (which may have originally been the inteded concept for a Chinatown sequel) and Zootopia, and is enthralling. This release also has a Blu-Ray featuiring the actual sequel The Two Jakes, which is not a great movie, but a reasonably entertaining one directed by star Jack Nicholson and fetureing a very good performance from Meg Tilly (who I wish would have pursued more acting roles). NOTE: Yes I'm aware of the crimes of Roman Polanski, and my enjoyment of this film is no excuse of them. Fuck Roman Polanski.

Blue Velvet 4K  - June 25

There are plenty of Criterions released every month and they are always worth a look, but I'm highlighting Blue Velvet because it's so damn good. David Lynch is one of my favorite directors and this movies sits right in the middle between his more straightforward work and his more... surreal work. It is also an ideal representation of his directing style when it comes to actors, giving you both the melodramatic cadence from Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern, Kyle McLaughlin's performances and the extremely stylized grittiness of Dennis Hopper's insane villain. Blue Velvet is weird, uncomfortable, and a must have.

The Guyver 4K - June 25

I was introduced to the anime through a bootleg VHS that was bought at a flea market, so it's safe to say I ADORE Guyver. The American live action movie featuring Mark Hamil, certainly not starring as early marketing material would have suggested, is very much of its time. Hard B-Movie vibes with a dash of cheesiness and incredible practical effects, which is expected with co-directors Screaming Mad George & Steve Wang and producer Brian Yuzna at the wheel, The Guyver is undeniably fun. If you have an nostalgia for Japanese tokusatsu or early Power Rangers (I know, I'm sort of repeating myself), The Guyver is for you.

Other Films you should check out this month:



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