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Let's Get Physical: Upcoming Blu-Ray/4K Releases for May 2024

It's a new month an you can't keep the physical releases down! There are tons of great movies getting first time releases on 4K, special steelbook releases, and so much more. So join me on this look at a pretty great release month for physical media.

You can see a good chunk of the upcoming releases over at's site!

So this one had been on my must see list since it came to my attention a few years ago. Francis Ford Coppola has always been a fascinating figure to me, especially considering how successful and tumultuous his career has been. One From the Heart is maybe the height of Coppola's lofty goals for the future film making, save for his upcoming Megapolis which is his current Schrodinger's Cat (will it be a successful return to the screen or and under seen commercial failure like  One From the Heart). I digress, given the films stature as the thing that pushed Coppola's production studio in turmoil and a "what could have been" of cinema, it's a must buy for me. (Side note, this one is selling out in places, so maybe get it sooner rather than later.)

Dune Part Two - May 14

C'mon. I've already gushed about the original adaptation of Dune, so clearly this second part of the most recent adaption is on my radar. And considering how effective the second have of Frank Hubert's novel is under Denis Villeneuve's flawless direction, I couldn't not recommend this. It epic and satisfying as a story all its own, while leaving just enough mystery and want for the following novels to be adapted. now will; we ever actually see the the God Emporer on the big screen? I doubt it. So let's enjoy what we have in front of us.

The Lair of the White Worm Wal-Mart Exclusive SteelBook - May 14 This isn't a "new" release, but it is a steelbook edition of a really fun and goofy film. Filled with all the weird dry humour you'd expect form an 80s English production,. The Lair of the White Worm has all the charisma you could hope for plus some early roles form Peter Capaldi and Hugh Grant! With Walmart taking the baton from Best Buy's fallen physical media department (and likely Target's upcoming departure from anything not AAA Hollywood), this is also just a great way to support physical media. Honestly never thought I would be encouraging Walmart, but here we are. (Oh, and fair warning, image quality may not be the greatest on this release if it's still the original Vestron release, but it's undeniable watchable as is!)

I am of the camp that Guillermo del Toro is a top tier filmmaker and Crimson Peak is very close to my heart. It's del Toro at his most gothic, which given his latest films may feel a little odd, but it serves as the last bastion of his early work before he became the genre hopping king he currently is. This film getting a 4K release is one of the reasons Arrow Video is always on my mind as one of the best physical media labels around.

Cry Baby 4k - May 28

I'm a John Water fan since I was way too young and saw Pecker and Cecil B Demented. Since then I've seen everything else he's made and Cry Baby seems to be one his more accessible films (which seemingly came right after one another in the late 80 and early 90s). When my fairly normal and well adjusted friends and family laud a John Water's film, you know its something special, subverting its subversion so much that every one can find something in it.

Other Films you should check out this month:



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