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Cosplay at Chicago's C2E2 2024 is Fire!

We're a few years past cancelled cons, rescheduled cons, and half cons here in Chicago, and nature is finally returning. And while some are sour on this year's lineup at C2E2, there's still plenty to do, and even more to see. Just ask our fantastic photographers, who were out on the floor all day long to bring you amazing cosplay. Because one thing that's always been true about C2E2 here in Chicago? The cosplay does not disappoint.

Maybe it's because ReedPop ends its circuit here and the championships on Saturday make people try to level up to match the pros work - or maybe it's just a great place to see and be seen in cosplay. Either way, Friday cosplayers slayed, and we can't wait to see what Saturday brings!

Enjoy the work of our top notch photojournalists, including Aaron Cynic, Julian Ramirez, Marielle Bokor and Pearl Shin!



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