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Check out Deep Rock Galactic’s End of Year Stats

Screenshot: Deep Rock Galactic

I’ve been a Deep Rock Galactic fan since the beginning–and even though I’m coming up on 2,000 hours of playtime, I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. It doesn’t hurt that I have a regular twice a week game where my friends and I dive into the depths of Hoxxes to destroy the local ecosystem while strip mining the minerals. 

It’s exciting to me, then, that Deep Rock Galactic only seems to be getting more popular each passing year–and with more games on the horizon being developed by Ghost Ship Games (and others!) in the Deep Rock Galactic universe, hopefully this drop pod won’t slow down anytime soon.

Screenshot: Deep Rock Galactic

But let’s look at some of these end of year stats, published by Ghost Ship Games. Unfortunately, most of these stats reflect only the Steam version of Deep Rock Galactic–leaving out the Microsoft Store version (which caters both Windows and Xbox players) and the PlayStation version.

It’s amazing that the Deep Rock Galactic community has over 8 million dwarves, and over 150,000 daily users on Steam. It’s definitely an active community.

Screenshot: Deep Rock Galactic

Among the player deaths, it’s no surprise that falling is still the number one cause of death for dwarves on Hoxxes. Coming in far in second place are those ever-present glyphid grunts. 

Sadly, these stats leave a lot of questions I’d like answered. What is the most played class? How often do cave leaches get dwarves before they get the cave leeches. What are the error cubes for?

Stuff like that.

Screenshot: Deep Rock Galactic

Hopefully these stats will only go up for next year–though that seems unlikely for a game that is half a decade old. Then again, if you rock and stone, you're never alone. Rock and stone, miners!



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