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Xbox Might be Pulling a Sega, Shifting Focus to Software

It doesn’t look like Microsoft is going to get out of the hardware business anytime soon. However, there are some rumblings across the internet–mostly led by Xbox boss Phil Spencer–about the future of Microsoft’s console, especially when it comes to console exclusives.

Phil Spencer on X (formlery Twitter) tweeted: 

"While Bethesda will launch its Indiana Jones game first as an Xbox console exclusive, it’s currently set to have a rather short period of exclusivity we’re told."

This sent Xbox fans looking for answers on various social media outlets. With Phil Spencer saying later on X (formerly Twitter):

“We’re listening and we hear you. We’ve been planning a business update event for next week, where we look forward to sharing more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox. Stay tuned.”

This firestorm of speculation of the fate of Xbox wasn’t sparked by Spencer’s cryptic message, but it didn’t help matters. In fact, some of the Xbox fandom’s most loyal supporters are seemingly having a console wars crisis (yeah, I guess that was still a thing for some people). 

A lot of Xbox exclusive titles aren’t even exclusive at all, with most already available on PC via Microsoft’s storefront or third party apps like Steam. However, fans seeing formerly ‘exclusive’ titles crossing the line into PlayStation territory has them questioning their loyalty to Xbox at all.

The ones that seem to benefit the most from this are the PC players. With formerly exclusive games from Sony being ported onto the PC (with mostly good results) it makes sense for Microsoft to cast its net into new waters as well. However, the future theoretical PlayStation library will definitely benefit those with PlayStation consoles more than Xbox players. 

It really makes you wonder, if you can play all of the games you want on PlayStation or PC, what’s the point of even owning an Xbox? 

And with the recent rumors of Xbox shifting to all-digital, maybe it’s the early warning signs of Microsoft bowing out of the hardware business–at least when it comes to consoles.



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