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  • Marielle Bokor

LudoNarraCon Starts...NOW! Fire Up Your PC for Great Narrative Games and Panels You Can Attend in Your PJs!

Do you remember 2020? I'm sure we all do. But do you remember that feeling of "when am I ever going to get out and do something again?" specifically? We do, and as a journalist who covers conventions of all sorts, I was particularly sad my con season was no more. Then along came LudoNarraCon, an online convention just for narrative games that I could attend in my PJs (by then in its second year). I still got the panel experiences, the sense of community on the Discord - and I got to experience a bunch of amazing games, some I'd go on to own and beat later down the road, or even review post-release.

We've been in this thing for five years now, and the selection of games Fellow Traveller, who runs the con, brings to the table never disappoints. You'll see some familiar faces from years past, including selections from last Ludo like Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical and Death Trick: Double Blind, along with brand new games that are pre-release, sequels to much loved indies like Genesis Noir's follow-up title, Nirvana Noir, and - well...more!

But that's not all you'll get - and we encourage you to dig deeper into this online convention. Fireside chats and panels are just as worth attending as the ones we suggest you go to at "IRL" cons. Narrative games aren't just one thing or another - there are all types of actual games from RPGs to visual novels and cozy games - all tied together with a strong narrative. If you're someone who can't put down a good book or binges an entire series - these are games you can really sink your teeth into, and the fireside chats and panels give you a unique and often overlooked opportunity to speak with the devs and creators themselves.

We especially encourage people to get involved if they have any interest in game development, as it provides a priceless opportunity to understand more about what makes a game work, and what makes a narrative sing. Every single year, we find at least a few games that make us appreciate games as art even more, and take our breath away.

We'll be hard at work in our comfy clothes, stuffing our faces with snacks and digging into demos while we listen to the Ludo crowd tell us about their journeys and their art, and even if you can't attend the whole thing online, we suggest you check out the lineup, find some things you're interested in and dip your toes in the water. We'll see you there!



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