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  • Marielle Bokor

Peach Gets Her Own Joy-Con and You Can Pre-Order them Now

Image courtesy Best Buy website.

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the Best

I don't know if you know this, but "girl culture" is having its moment, as it should have long ago. We're finally seeing Barbie blowing out the box office, Mean Girls making everything "so fetch" again, and video games recognizing that "girl gamers" have always been a thing, and giving us collabs with companies like OPI or making our Xbox its own Barbie Dream House.

With the success of the incredibly powerful and influential market that is being represented in Barbie, those who celebrate and participate in "girl culture" no matter where or how or what that looks like, are seeing more and more things they just gotta have.

Nintendo's already announced its plans for an amazing adventure where Princess Peach isn't just waiting in another castle when it announced Princess Peach: Showtime, at its recent Nintendo Direct, but there's also some fantastic new merch in the lineup, with gorgeous pastel pink Joy-Con being shown off all over the internets ahead of the release.

If you're a person who loves all those 'aesthetic' Switch setups or just simply loves all things rose-hued, these are going to be irresistible. There's already so many fun options with Joy-Con and you can mix and match to fit your mood, but it's time for classic pink, and we're going to be clickin' that link and pre-ordering these for sure.

And yes, we're probably going to put it on Instagram (with our purple PS5) when we do.

You can pre-order these blushing beauties on Best Buy now.



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