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Neon Hawk: A New Game for the Vectrex

I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of the Vectrex. In fact, it wasn’t until I managed to buy one at a retro game shop that I actually got my hands on one the first time. It's a classic retro system that's impressive to play. There have been people like Sean Kelly that have kept the Vectrex alive and well and helped it stand the test of time, and now there’s a new shoot ‘em up being developed for it called Neon Hawk.

If you’re not aware, the Vectrex doesn’t render scenes in pixels. Instead it uses vector graphics to draw images on the screen. It’s a look that has managed to age gracefully, and definitely reminds you of the early days of home video games. 

While it’s not a surprise that there is a passionate community out there still making games for the Vectrex, what’s surprising is just how great this game looks, even for a Vectrex game:

According to user MJR on the Shmups forum ( the game is being developed by an industry veteran that has worked on games like Max Payne 2, Alan Wake and more. The user describes the game as “a rail shooter game, Space Harrier style.” And it looks incredibly impressive for a Vectrex game.

I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for any updates on this project, and hopefully get a playable build at some point.



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