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C2E2's Biggest Day of Cosplay Brings Even More Amazing to the Floor

We spent this last weekend at the largest convention center in the northern hemisphere with tens of thousands of other nerds to bring you all that's good from nerd world as the convention season starts to heat up for 2024.

Early indications are that cons are back in a big way, and cosplay, which had been a little less frequent as the pandemic was more front and center, is now bouncing back to be what we'd gotten used to seeing here in Chicago - it's absolutely amazing.

If you've never gotten the chance to go to C2E2, it's one of the conventions run by ReedPop. If that doesn't sound familiar, we're sure NYCC and Emerald City Comic-Con do. But wait, there's more! Because ReedPop actually runs conventions all over the US and globally, including South Africa, Australia, and beyond.

And once C2E2 rolls around, it's time for the international Crown Championships of Cosplay.

That means cosplay on a whole 'nother level, with folks who have competed and won at their regional conventions and literally sometimes travelled from the other side of the world to compete for the crown.

And that means, C2E2 is the place to see and be seen for cosplay, whether you're a competitor or just someone who enjoys the art. We've seen amazing things that never see the stage, and crazy costumes that walk the floor and go on to take the crown. In fact, last year's winner was from right here in Chicago and went on in one night to take Nationals and become the ultimate Crown Champion of Cosplay.

Here's just some of what we enjoyed Saturday on the floor. Stay tuned for a special gallery from the contest! Special thanks to our amazing photographers, Alex Orona, Aaron Cynic, Julian Ramirez, Pearl Shin and Mariel Bokor for capturing these amazing cosplayers!



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