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Sonic and Chill brings the smooth jams to an already packed year for Game Chops

Game Chops is a Video Game Record Label that specializes in signing artists who inspire video game music or provide stylized covers of popular video game music since 2012 but never putting together a full album until later. Now they are home to such popular artists like DJ Cutman and Helynt. After an already jam packed year of video game albums, 14 in total this year alone, comes Sonic and Chill by Funk Fiction. A slick funk based cover album of familiar tunes that really blast our nostalgia ridden brains back to 1991.

Funk Fiction himself has been crafting synth wave remixes for a long while (2017)  but with Sonic and Chill he brings the funk to some of our childhood classic songs from the Sega Genesis but with fantastic chilled out vibes popularized on lofi channels across youtube. Favorites like Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone and Angel Island Zone bring us back to our adolescence but it isn’t all remixes. Songs like Chill Zone and File Select take a popular theme or tone and use it to create something wholly new. 

Clocking in at around 43 minutes, Game Chops and Funk Fiction have really created a special kind of vibe using the Sonic the Hedgehog music catalog and the lo-fi aesthetic that has become all the rage in the last couple of years. With Zelda and Chill, and Mario and Chill already in the collection, Sonic and Chill is a perfect addition in keeping with the fantastic Game Chops lineage. 



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