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Small Cheval Opens New Location In Rosemont

Small Cheval has always been smaller and more available to its predecessor Au Cheval yet sticks to its upscale burger roots. Now as of March 8th 2024, the 8th Small Cheval location has opened up in Rosemont, IL on the corner of River Road and Higgins. We were lucky enough to attend the friends and family soft opening and it’s been an exciting time for establishments in the Rosemont area. 

With the opening of a Stan's Donuts and a Shaq owned Big Chicken all in a row in 2023, there was a Small Cheval promised to open in the year following. Finally we can say, we’ve been and really enjoyed a lot about what the potential of this new high end burger joint can bring.

Inside the restaurant, the decor was that of an outdoor picnic area, with bench style setting and massive tables that encourage eating with strangers as well as big groups. For those that want to sit alone, booths are also available. The counter where you order is made up to look like a hometown lemonade stand, giving it that home grown feel. 

What isn’t a homey feel is the price, with single smash style burgers coming in at $9.49. This sadly is par for the course since the days of the original Au Cheval, but coming here with the family, expect to pay upwards of $50 for the meal. The menu is relatively limited to burgers, fries and shakes, which gives a focus so they can ensure that the quality is there. 

With this new opening, the Rosemont area will continue to grow into a hotbed of fine dining and entertainment. I really enjoyed the food during my visit. The shakes provided a thick rich flavor, and the burgers and fries were simple but still delicious. In a world of Kumas Corner and The Drop Ins’ NADC burgers, Small Cheval does a decent job of competing. It may not be the best, but it’s got a fighting chance of sticking with you, especially in a family atmosphere. Check out the salted caramel shake!



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