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Remnant II Preview from Summer Game Fest 2023

Remnant From The Ashes was a co-op third person shooter that brought teams of players together in dungeon style areas with dozens of randomly generated bosses. It was reminiscent of Diablo but with a mix of Dark Souls. Combat was randomly generated by a hidden AI director but required strict stamina and bullet damage. Characters also had roles such as tanks, healers or DPS, so players would work together to form the best teams. Now with Remnant II, we get the same formula, but expanded upon in a number of ways that make the first game seem like a proof of concept.

The first thing that stuck out from Remnant II was the pronounced upgrade in visuals. Graphically, but also in design. There is so much added detail to characters, gear, enemies and the environments. Environments in the previous game felt a little generic but now they are wholly original. Along with the graphical upgrade is the number and variation of enemies. There is always the basic grunt fodder, but also randomly generated demon wizards or evil archers would appear to up the difficulty. This was truly a unique experience, as we were able to play the same area again after being wiped, only to find different enemy encounters or some of the tougher encounters missing entirely. It’s a cool feature that will make sure you will have some badass stories to tell.

Remnant From the Ashes was in essence a looter shooter, but without much loot. The quest was for the experience of tough as nails bosses in a Souls-like shooter. That’s still the premise here but now loot is a higher priority. Previously, there was little loot to speak of, but after speaking to one of the developers, the loot table has been largely increased. They have somehow found a way to create a large cache of equipables that upgrade stats as well as change how you play. Even better still, found gear is shared amongst your party, making sure that everyone gets the spoils of war.

The time we got to play Remnant was limited, but within a 30 minute time frame, we were sold. The Remnant fans were left excited for the upgrades presented, while the newbies were excited to jump into a new multiplayer co-op world that they had left since Destiny 2. Remnant II is nothing if not Remnant 1, but a wholesale improvement. We are excited for Remnant II and look forward to its release on July 25th.



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