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NieR Orchestra Concert 12024 [End of Data] Tour Wows the Rosemont Theatre

On Saturday February 3rd, SQUARE ENIX in partnership with AWR Music presented a multimedia orchestral concert: NieR: Orchestra Concert 12024 [End of Data] at the Rosemont Theatre. AWR Music is also responsible for the Distant Worlds concert series, so there’s a history of working with SQUARE ENIX as well as within the Rosemont Theatre. This is also the only date on the tour in the U.S. so Chicago was lucky enough to be the hub of quite the eclectic tour. 

The touring orchestra was directed by conductor Eric Roth, with original NieR series singers Emi Evans and J’nique Nicole. The performances were enhanced with visual HD projections, game footage and other visuals created and programmed by series director Yoko Taro and composer Keiichi Okabe. Between songs, there was a brand new original audio adventure written by Yoko Taro, featuring audio recorded by 2B voice actor Kira Buckland and 9S voice actor Kyle McCarley.

The sold out show was jam packed with fans of the series and orchestra music alike, so the attire ranged from casual to full on formal to even heavy cosplay. It was an exciting evening and the orchestra played over 2 hours of fantastic music from both NieR: Replicant and NieR Automata, including two encores. Classic songs like Amusement Park and Songs of the Ancients were played and the final encore was Kaine (our personal favorite.)

One particular star of the show was the limited edition merch, with most selling out by the end. The highlights were limited edition artwork posters, vinyl records, mechanical music boxes and clothing. Another highlight was a surprise appearance by series creator Yoko Taro himself at the end of the show to give a small speech. Overall, the event went off without a hitch and the show was deemed a hit by fans. If you are a fan of the series, there’s no better way to experience the music than this kind of show. A complete package of limited edition art and story combined into a fully unique experience. 



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