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Marvel Set to Revive the Ultimate Universe

Back in the early 2010’s, Marvel started the Ultimates line. An updated modern take on all the Marvel heroes with love, but now with modern sensibilities and edginess. The idea was to not be beholden to all the canon that existed previously and take our heroes in new places. One stand out example is that Peter Parker isn’t a photographer, instead he’s the IT guy for the Daily Bugle who eventually dies saving his family from the Green Goblin. Later his mantle is taken up by Miles Morales. Other notable exceptions are Mr Fantastic of the Fantastic Four turning into an evil mastermind known as the Maker.

It was a golden age of experimentation and weird ideas, some worked, with the highly successful Miles Morales character, and some were just strange, especially seen in the incestuous relationship of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Whatever your point of view, the Ultimates paved the way for a lot of other deviations of the status quo, see the DC comics New 52. Unfortunately, the Ultimate universe has since been demolished back in 2015 with a highly disappointing ultimatum wave and reorganization of the universes, with the Secret Wars.

Most recently, Marvel has announced they plan on reviving the Ultimate Universe with a four issue event entitled “the Ultimate Invasion.” Jonathan Hickman and former Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch are set to helm this event that uses its two remaining Ultimates characters: Miles Morales and The Maker. There is still know information if this will lead to a full on re-launch, but as of right now there has been little to no discussion regarding the Ultimate Universe, so this is a welcome surprise to fans.



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