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Marvel Comics Icon John Romita Sr., Dead At 93 Years Old

June 12th marked the passing of Brooklyn's own John Romita Sr., one of the most prolific comic book artists ever. His designs ranged from the classic Mary Jane Watson to crafting a menacing Kingpin. Despite having some early work at DC between 1959 and 1966, he was mostly known for his decades spent at Marvel Comics. John joined Marvel after the departure of Jack Kirby.

Some of the more notable John Romita designs included Black Widows’ classic black leather spy suit, Punishers’ giant skull on his chest, the Bullseye design and the original yellow and black Wolverine costume. A titan of his craft whose' influence has permeated even today's modern comics. John Romita Sr was 93 years old. His son, John Romita Jr. is still a comic book artist for both Marvel and DC.



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