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Budget Turntables Gift Guide!

The vinyl resurgence has been chugging along for over a decade now and there's no denying it: the vintage format is here to stay. However the hobby is an expensive one as turntables and speakers/sound-systems come with a big startup cost. In order to alleviate some of that here are our picks for the best turntables under $300

Budget Tables Under $300

Audio Technica AT-LP3XBT - $250 While the Audio Techinica LP60 has been the bastion of super low budget turntables, their slight step up in the AT-LP3xbt is certainly one to consider. Featuring the ultimate beginner needs like fully automatic function and more advanced features like a counterweight which opens up a world of replacement cartridges, the AT-LP3XBT is the perfect first step for the new vinyl listener.

Audio Technica: AT-LPW30TK - $250

The Audio Technica: AT-LPW30TK ditches the more beginner features of the the AT-LP3XBT and replaces them with a wood look MDF plinth and an understated look that will shine no matter your decor. All the slightly more advanced feature are still there and is likely the better way to learn how to use a turntable.

U-Turn - 199.99 (and up, which you should absolute consider)

The U-Turn is the most basic of the bunch and thats the point. There are no extras or things that could inhibit the sound your looking for. its as pure as a turntable you can get and incredibly upgrade-able from the platter, needle, and more.

Fluance RT81 - $250

Fluance is a relatively new kid on the block make stellar starter tables. Everything has exceptional quality, especially when you start going up the models.

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