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New Puzzle Game We Were Here Expeditions: The Friendship Free this Month

Screenshot: We Were Here Expeditions: The Friendship

If you like puzzle games, especially asymmetrical cooperative puzzle games, the We Were Here series is a fantastic effort. There’s one problem: it can be pretty hard. And while I like to play co-op puzzle games with friends, sometimes very hard puzzles can throw them off. And the We Were Here series can be pretty brutal at times. We Were Here Expedition:The Friendship is a great introduction into the world of We Were Here, while providing an experience that isn't as punishing as its mainline entries. And the best part is that it’s free until October 16th.

We We Here Expeditions:The Friendship is mostly like the other We Were Here games: you have to play cooperatively with a friend, using in-game voice. The voice is depicted as walkie-talkies, which I absolutely love. And it’s a great visual indicator that you will need to be able to talk to your partner to be effective at this game.

Screenshot: We Were Here Expeditions: The Friendship

The Friendship does change the We Were Here formula in some pretty significant ways. In the other games, puzzles were obstacles that you either figured out or you were stuck. In The Friendship puzzles need to be solved to progress–but there are score thresholds. This allows you to pass a puzzle without as much expertise, but also creates the ability to go back and beat your previous score.

The We We Here series features some corny voice overs and some pretty spectacular contrivances to move their plot along. Unfortunately you’re forced to endure it, and in the case of The Friendship you have to endure it while riding in a tunnel of love style amusement park ride. This time around the voice over does provide some fundamental hints on how to play We Were Here, but it’s mostly just stating the obvious.

Screenshot: We Were Here Expeditions: The Friendship

I can’t really complain about free, and The Friendship is a pretty good puzzle game–even if it’s very short at less than three hours long. It also feels a bit like an advertisement for the rest of the We Were Here series, but I’m not even mad at that–more people should check them out.

We Were Here Expeditions: The Friendship is available today, and is free on Steam until October 12th.



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