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Marvel's Free Comic Book Day Titles Lead The Way Into Big Stories

As always, free comic book day stands as a celebration for all that is comics but also is a time for solicitations and previews into what’s to come with some major titles. This year proves no different with Marvel’s four free previews coming to free comic book day (May 6th.) Here’s a breakdown of what we’re excited to check out from Marvel on our sacred celebration.

We get a look into the upcoming Fall of X with an Avengers X-Men crossover event. This preview looks to bring an end to the Krakoan storyline and puts a new lineup of the Avengers Xmen Hybrid team with Rogue, Psylocke, Penance, Quicksilver, Captain America and Deadpool. This new team book looks to be launching next year.

There’s a Spider-Man Venom crossover that officially launches Summer of 2023. The series will star Carnage, Red Goblin and loads of other symbiotes. We also get a look at the new and improved Spider-Man with his gold suit. Readers can see what’s been happening since Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr started their run and will begin the Summer of Symbiotes event.

Marvel Voices is an ongoing series that spotlights diverse creators and characters across the Marvel universe. Plan to check out short stories starring Nova, Miles Morales, Black Panther, America Chavez, and many more! Check out a fresh new issue from this critically acclaimed title.

Finally, we get Spidey and his Amazing Friends. Targeted at readers aged 5-7, we get to see cartoony spidey with his friends Spider Gwen, Miles Morales and Ghost Spider get into all sorts of wacky adventures. Based on the hit Disney Junior show, easy to read and comes complete with activity pages.

Check out these and many other titles on May 6th 2023 at a comic book store near you!



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