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Finom Announces Album with a New Single "Haircut"

You know it's going to be a great day when an amazing band like Finom releases a a new single and announces a brand new album. Finom, formally known as OHMME (and even longer ago as HOMME) is the musical project of Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham. The pair are an ever evolving musical powerhouse, shifting their sound with every release into stranger and more exciting territory. This latest album, Not God, has Finom continuing on that trajectory, enlisting Jeff Tweedy to produce the record and kicking things off with lead single "Haircut".

A quick burst of drums ushers in "Haircut" before Stewart and Cunningham's intertwined voices stroll in. The pair sing lines "written following the stream of suggested words" from Stewart’s phone, making for a dizzying and distorted experience. The strangeness somehow creates some entertaining lyricism that reaches a preposterous excuse in it's chorus: "Yeah, I’m sorry but I’m not gonna wanna. It’s the time of day I can get my haircut." It's as odd as Finom have gotten and it makes for a damn fine earworm of a song. Pair it with the off the wall and eccentric video directed by Alex Grelle and you have yourself an overwhelmingly great experience.

cover of finom's new a

You can pre-order Finom's Not God over at their Bandcamp or directly from their label Joyful Noise Recordings. Finom will also be performing at The Hideout on May 24th. Tickets are $20, so don't miss this fantastic show.



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