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Chicago Welcomes Back Hamilton

The show that has been wowing audiences around the world has returned to its self proclaimed second home in the Windy City. Chicago, in partnership with Lin-Manuel Miranda, welcomed Hamilton to the Nederlander Theatre in the Loop this September.

We recently were in attendance for a performance and it seems like Hamilton hasn’t missed a beat since it’s departure. There were a few adjustments made only by actor choice but overall, it still hit the same highs as before, with the stand outs being Josh Marin as the King of England and Alex Nicholson. Both commanded audience attention when on stage, hitting every comedy queue and high note necessary for their roles.

The audience came in full support of the show's return with near, if not fully sold out shows. With not an empty seat in the house, the new cast felt the love with uproarious applause from the crowd. There is an ongoing lottery sign up on the Hamilton website if you’d like to try your hand on that but otherwise get your tickets early! Tickets are available until January 2024, but no word on the show's run coming to an end officially yet.



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