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Where We Left Off: Succession Season 3

With the fourth season of Succession premiering March 26th 2023, it’s time we catch back up with the family we love to hate: The Roys.

Logan Roy:

Logan has successfully received control of his company via supermajority to sell to Matsson. He did so by receiving insider info of his children's backstabbing plans from Tom (Shiv’s husband) and using his ex-wife to supersede his children’s shares. We leave the final season with him finally telling his kids that they need to be cut off and be left flapping in the wind in a dramatic confrontation.

Kendall Roy:

Kendall is still grieving after accidentally killing a waiter at Shiv's wedding in season 2. At his mother’s wedding, he confesses to his siblings about how disconnected he’s been from family and businesses. Kendall also gets that Roy family coup he has been clamoring for since Season 1. Ultimately, their father is two steps ahead of them as he always is.

Shiv and Tom:

Shiv and Tom’s relationship has had its ups and downs, whether they are open or not, they seem to finally have hit a boiling point with Tom betraying his wife to side with Logan. Being the inside mole for Logan has given him a leg up in the family business, but more importantly, has kind of solidified the relationship dynamic that Shiv has been pushing since the beginning. Business comes first, and you must be willing to sacrifice your spouse for a better position since she had previously convinced Tom to possibly go to jail for Waystar. Shiv is left seeing a rare gesture of good will by Logan to Tom, cueing her in on the betrayal.

Roman Roy:

Roman is initially on board with the Gojo sale of Waystar to Matsson, with promise of a cushy position in the new company, but unfortunately goes against his better judgment and ends up siding with his siblings only to be thwarted by their father Logan. Also since his failed relationship with Gerri (who also sided with their father), he is entirely lost in his father’s eyes.


Connor has been feeling left out of the family business since the beginning and season 3 saw the final straw. With a dramatic outburst towards his siblings, everything seems to be going downhill for Connor until he finally convinces his long term relationship with sex worker Willa to wed him. It was a big win for Connor, but Willa seemed more exasperated than anything.

Cousin Greg:

Greg has possibly made a “deal with the devil” in Tom to secure his position in the company but where does that finally land Greg? One initial thought could be an accidental CEO, but the future looks bright for cousin Greg.

That's mostly where we leave the Roy family. What are you looking forward to in Season 4? What are your predictions for power moves or twists for next season? Sound off in the comments!



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