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  • Marielle Bokor

McDonald's Celebrates Grimace's Birthday with Purpley New Meal...and Mystery

A lot of us who grew up anywhere between the 70s and 90s remember a motley crew of strange cartoon characters associated with, well, basically everything we consumed. Tony the Tiger greets you every morning, the Snuggle bear's fragrance surrounds you, you've avoided the Noid, etc. The list goes on. McDonald's wasn't immune to the cartoon craze either, with its group of strange mascots that were animated favorites of ours as kids.

Even if you were terrified of clowns and Ronald McDonald left you unsettled, there were plenty of other friendly ...things...that occupied his neighborhood. Larcenist the Hamburglar was obviously the most stylish, while McCheese was the choice of safety and security. Birdie was the bestest bestie and Grimace now?

When we decided to check out the newest limited edition meal at McDonald's we didn't expect to get a side of research, but as it turns out it's a little hard to pin down what the purple fellow actually is, or represents. Popular culture and much of what we read points back to a 2014 Twitter conversation where he's supposedly referred to as a taste bud, and despite the fact that he's over 6' tall, fuzzy and purple, that's somehow stuck as the winning answer. BUT, go back to that tweet and you'll find that he's EITHER a taste bud OR...the embodiment of a milkshake.

via McDonald's official FB page.

Which means his shake should be pretty good, right? I mean, the limited edition meal isn't so much a revelation at all, because it's a Big Mac or 10 chicken nugget meal that features the shake (so much so that you get an "item" listed in the menu on the app that reminds you to "Enjoy Your Shake!"

Word around the internet told us the purple shake with its healthy dose of whipped cream was going to be mixed berry. When we grabbed ours to try out, both of us who'd tried the meal independently thought the shake didn't taste terribly mixed at all - and mostly felt like a blueberry shake. While one of us thought it was a weak blueberry, the other said it reminded them of blueberry yogurt. And even though our opinions differed, we both agreed we'd try it again.

True, it's not really groundbreaking, but in the end, team tastebud or team milkshake all come out winners in the end. Happy birthday, Grimace!

via McDonald's official FB page


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