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Our Story

Our Story

Living in a country such as India where you are surrounded by intricate structures of art that is impossible to be recreated in current times. This got us thinking that the artisans that created such out of this world monuments have passed on this art to their generations and though very few of them are pursuing this as their source of livelihood as the current competition with other advanced goods that as easier and quick to produce have taken the place of this art which is also our rich cultural heritage, these people are very enthusiastic to keep it alive and running.

So, this gave us an idea to do something not just for these artisans who are struggling day and night and fighting against the odds to make this dream see the light of the day, but for the sheer love for our rich cultural heritage that is dying and needs help to keep it afloat for generations to come.

Through a lot of research we found out that this form of art needs to be given a little twist so as to increase its sustainability and utility in today’s time which would make the people be driven towards it even more. To achieve our goal we had to shift our focus to developing items that can be used for home Décor or Kitchen or Garden Accessories. Of course the tradition art pieces are also available with us.

The next in line of our focus was Packaging & Shipping. For this we had a word with a few artisans and also the courier company people to guide us through the whole process. The most important development of our research was that the packages when shipped overseas had a greater risk of damage and because our clients are situated far and wide across seas and oceans, we had to come up with a more stronger and reliable method of packaging. Long after pondering upon the issue and a few test and trials we finally came up with the best kind of packaging system available for items such as ours.

When it comes to the designing of Marble Inlay, most of the designs that you would see are created by the artisans themselves, some are created by us and if you feel like you want something to have your signature on it, you can create designs of your own and get something made exclusively for yourself. We do Customize Orders and can also facilitate Bulk Orders.

Get items made just as unique as you and I are!!