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Terms Of Use

Welcome to our website!

We at request you to please go through our Terms of Use and Sale at least once before you start surfing our website. When you use you agree to and are bound by all the terms and conditions laid down on this website.

In addition to this you will be bound by these terms if you use any service available on this website. These Terms of Use & Sale is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require publishing the rules and regulations, privacy policy and Terms of Use & Sale for access or usage of website.

Conditions to Use

1) Your Account

When you use it is your responsibility to maintain absolute confidentiality of the information that is related to your account. The information may include your password so that you can restrain others from using/misusing your account in any way possible. By using this website you agree to accept all responsibility of the activities that occur through your account. It is your responsibility to not disclose any information relating to your account or password. If you ever feel that these information have been leaked and is or is likely to be used in an unlawful and an unauthorized way, you can then let us know by contacting us immediately. Do make sure that all the information that you have given us is correct and if you tend to make any kind of changes do let us know about it while you are registering or updating your account. You and either access or update any information in your account anytime by just logging into your account you have with us. By this you also agree that you shall only use this website to buy items for your personal use only. Should you wish to buy any of the items for you business purpose such as in wholesale then you can visit the Wholesale page on our website, where you will get all the information needed. has the right to refuse, restrict, terminate, remove, and edit any content at any time without any prior notice to you. You should also be above 18 years of age if you want to use this website. Children between 18 and 13 can use this under the guidance of their parent/s or their legal guardian. You are responsible for all the activities that take place in your account by the minor.

2) Privacy

Please do go through our Privacy Policy before you start accessing our website i.e. Each and every data that you give will be treated as private and confidential and that abide by the applicable laws. The Privacy Policy clauses also rules over your access to this website. If in any case you do not agree to any of these policies please refrain from using

3) Electronic Mode of Communication

When you use you shall agree to the fact that all communication made by you is through an electronic medium. All the transactions that take place when you buy a product are being facilitated by a payment gateway owned by a third party. is just a medium for that transaction to go through. So, all the information you give that is required to make a transaction like your name, address, credit/debit card details will be shared with that third party as well, they have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions, do go through them too. You can choose to remove your information or delete your account with us anytime. By doing this you may be restricted to use some of the key features and services of the website. We will also send you any information if necessary through emails and mailing you a hard copy is not binding to us. All information, agreements, terms shared through the electronic mode either through emails or written on are as good as signing a written agreement.

4) Your Content

The content that you post by using our Applications and Services is your own content. We don’t intend make any claims to it. This includes anything that you post on our website like names, profile photos, product photos, reviews, comments, videos, username, etc.

A.Responsibility and Ownership of Your Content- You should know that that you are completely responsible for the Content you post on You agree that you have all needed rights to your content and that you are not infringing or violating any third party’s rights by posting it here

B.Permission to Use Your Content- By posting Content through our, you grant us a license to use it. We do not claim any ownership to your content, but we have your permission to use it to help be better.

C.C. Rights You Give By posting content, you give Culture Combine a non-exclusive, world over, royalty free, irrevocable, sub licensable, perpetual license to use, display, edit, modify, reproduce, distribute, store & make derivative works of your content. This allows us to provide the Services and to promote or the Services in any format, through any channel, including any services, our partners, or third-party website or advertising medium. You agree not to claim any moral right or rights of publicity against us for using this content. You also acknowledge our rightful interest in using this information in accordance with this particular license.

D.Unauthorized/Illegal Image or Content- believes in intellectual property rights has great respect for them. However we deal in Marble Inlay Handicraft, Stone Handicraft and other handicraft items from India and across the globe. Some of the items are designed by the artisans themselves and if one feels that the items look similar then it is not the responsibility of If you want the products or any content to be removed from do report to us and we shall take swift action to solve the issue. should not be held responsible for any that is being made by artisans that indulge in freelance work and put up their product for sale using as a medium for their sale.

E.Inappropriate, Wrong or Deceptive Content- There are certain kinds of content that we do not want to be posted on for any reason. By using this website you agree that you will not post any kind of abusive/ threatening/ defamatory/obscene/ vulgar content or content that is offending or in violating any of our Terms. You will also not to post anything that is false and deceptive or fraudulent

5) Your Use of Our Services

License to Use Our Services- has granted its users a license to use our services, which we can revoke anytime without any prior notice to you. Do read our terms and the list of restrictions as laid down below.

A.Do not Break the Law- By using you agree that you’ll not disrespect or violate any laws in relation with your use of our Services. These include any local/ state/federal or international laws that might apply to you. You must comply with all our Policies and do not commit any kind of fraud, theft, non-competitive act, threatening act or any other unlawful activities or crimes against, another of our user or any third party.

B.Pay Your Fee/Local Taxes-When you use, you are in agreement to fulfill all your dues like paying all the fees to You are totally responsible in paying all the local taxes/duties, VAT, GST, other duties that may apply in your city, state, country, etc. should not be held responsible for any payment related to your local taxes, duties, etc.

C.Don’t Steal Our Stuff- By using you agree that you will not try to crawl, scrape, or spider any of the pages of or our Services or try to do reverse engineering or to get the source code of any of our website.

D.Don’t Try to Harm Our Systems-You agree not to interfere with or try to disrupt our Services, for example by distributing a virus or other harmful computer code.

E.Do Not Copy Our Assets The name Culture Combine,, logos, designs, vison, mission, tag lines are all property of

F.Share Your Opinions & Ideas. . You can share your ideas to help us make your experience at an amazing one. Anything that you submit to us can be used by us, and it will be considered non-proprietary and non confidential to you. We have the license to use it worldwide the way we want, without any prior notice and we do not owe you any compensation for it as well.

6) Your Account

You can delete your account with anytime you want by accessing the account settings. Your posted comment, ideas, complains may still remain with us even after you delete your account with us. Plus you might have to pay any of the outstanding dues. Culturecombine also reserves the right to terminate your account or restrict you from using any of our pages, services, applications, without any prior notice to you. In that case you cannot use legal means to sue us or to question us of our actions, as you do not have a legal or contractual obligation to do so.

We May Discontinue Any Services- have the right to discontinue, change or suspend any of our services anytime for any reason without prior information. The terms may hold even after your account with us is not in continuance.


If you notice any defect/fault/damaged part(s) in the product received, we will offer an exchange of the same product or refund the cost. Claims for damages must be made within 2 days on receipt of goods. Please get in touch with us immediately, preserve and photograph damaged packaging for insurance claims and forward the images to us at We will send you a return authorization number, shipping cost has to be borne by the customer themselves.